Help us to keep Homeopathy accessible in the South West

Barriers to patient referrals are threatening the NHS Homeopathic Service, leading to a decrease in appointments and those who are referred to us at the Litfield Medical Centre in Clifton, Bristol. To address this issue, we need your help.

If you care about the NHS Homeopathic Service and want to help us to keep healthcare accessible to all, please send us your testimony in support of our service by emailing it to

We have also launched an exciting two new clinics in Bath, alongside the British Homeopathic Association.

The Bath charitable homeopathy clinic will be a cooperative clinic, funded by the BHA and administrated by the PCIM, and will be for those people who cannot afford to access private homeopathic services. The clinic will be run from a medical venue to be announced shortly. Come back to this webpage soon for more information!

The private PCIM homeopathy clinic will operate from the Practice Rooms in Upper Borough Walls. As a social enterprise, the PCIM is keen to make all of its services accessible and this is reflected in the competitive price for consultations at its private clinics. For more information, please feel free to contact us!