Do you want to support the Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine?


As a social enterprise, we are committed to making Holistic Medicine accessible to all through charitably funded services such as our widely successful Mindfulness courses with Penny Brohn UK and the Greenway Centre; Food for Wellbeing and Kitchen on Prescription, both of which aim to empower attendees to have a healthy relationship with food; and our Homeopathy services, which are delivered in Bristol, Bath and beyond.

To continue to deliver such services and events and to positively impact the community around us, we need your help.

You can support the Portland Centre in a number of ways. See below for details.

Join the Friends

The Friends are a group of service users and supporters of the Portland Centre whose role is to provide a clear voice that can help both to guide our development. The Friends meet quarterly in Bristol for talks, to share information, and just to say “hello” to others who are also passionate about the services they receive. They are keen to ensure that these services are protected and nurtured, and are actively involved in the decision making process in how the Portland Centre is developed.

Find out more about this group here.

Help us to spread the word

For any business to grow they need to reach out to new people. Please help the Portland Centre to make the public aware of the NHS Homeopathy Service and more, but reading and sharing our newsletter.

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