Craniosacral for Wellbeing: Craniosacral Therapy is a form of gentle body work that uses a light touch on various parts of the body while fully clothed. Its aim is to help balance the body to promote health. A practitioner uses their hands to ‘listen’ to the rhythms of the body and sense where there might be any areas of illness or tightness. This can then be worked on with the clients help to move towards a healthier state of body and mind. >> Read More

Creative Writing for Wellbeing: The Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine’s Creative Writing for Wellbeing course is for people who wish to explore their welfare through the arts. It provides a chance to look at themes of later life using creative writing, conversations, and other creative approaches, playfully and seriously, in a supportive environment. >> Read More

Food for Wellbeing: The Bristol-based Food for Wellbeing course by the Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine has been designed with nutritional, psychological, and medical input. Packed with practical advice, the latest tips, and cookery demonstrations, the aim of the 6-week course is to improve your Wellbeing through healthy eating and lifestyle change. This course has been designed with an Integrative Medicine model which combines conventional and holistic thinking to improve Wellbeing. As well as meeting food educators, participants will meet experts in the field of Holistic Medicine including Doctors, Nutritionists, and Psychologists, who will demonstrate how putting changes into practice can help to overcome hurdles. >> Read More

Friends for Wellbeing: Now an established and active volunteer network, the Friends of the Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine regularly meet to discuss and support our services under a series of events called the Friends for Wellbeing. These events are delivered throughout the year to help promote Holistic Medicine in the local community, by experts in their field, including our experienced staff. >> Read More

Homeopathy for Wellbeing: The Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine’s medical doctors deliver the NHS Homeopathy Service alongside charitably funded and private Homeopathy clinics in locations across Bristol, Bath, and Somerset. Homeopathy is an integrated approach that safely uses a low dose of natural medicine to stimulate a self-healing response in the body. Medicines used in Homeopathy are safe particularly when given alongside appropriate conventional interventions. It has been used alongside a range of long term conditions and can also be used to help with the side effects of conventional treatments. >> Read More

Mindfulness for Wellbeing: The Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine provides charitably funded and private Mindfulness courses in locations across Bristol and Somerset. Mindfulness practice is a form of meditation that helps us to become more aware of our present moment-by-moment experiences with curiosity and kindness. By practising Mindfulness regularly, we can develop a greater capacity to look after ourselves with our own innate wisdom and compassion. >> Read More

Nutrition for Wellbeing: Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health, peak performance, and individual care. The Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine’s Nutrition for Wellbeing clinic is run by Helen Cooke, who has a nursing background and during the last 30 years has specialised in the field of integrative/whole-person health care. Her qualifications include a BSc in Nutritional Medicine (Thames Valley University), an MA in Complementary Health Studies (Exeter University), and a Diploma in Counselling (CSCT). She is a member of BANT and CNHC – the two key regulatory bodies for Nutritional Therapists. >> Read More

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