This is a newly launched service and it will become the flagship offer of PCIM. To start with, this post will be for a few hours per week but we aim to quickly build clinic numbers which means that we can offer more hours.

More information about the Holistic Doctor service can be found here.

Integrative Medicine is about putting conventional, lifestyle and complementary approaches together to support health and wellbeing.

Holistic Doctor is a service that aims to help patients to optimise their health  using complementary and lifestyle recommendations. The Holistic Doctor will work with patients to assess current medical concerns and conditions and then co-create their package of care.

The Holistic Doctor is an advisory and recommendations service only, it is not a diagnostic or prescribing service.

This service is a client-funded service with the hope of gaining public or charitable funding in the future to support specified long-term conditions such as diabetes or obesity.


  • Qualifications: experienced medical practitioner
  • Knowledge: whole person care, integrative healthcare approaches to wellbeing
  • Skills & experience: holistic consulting (essential), online patient records system (desirable)
  • Attributes: ability to work in small team with other Holistic Doctors and Associate Therapists to deliver a package of care
  • Profile: you are looking for part time role to complement other work

As we are also a teaching centre, the Holistic Doctor is expected to have students sitting in clinic who are in training on the Diploma for Integrative Medicine course and may be asked to contribute to our education services.

The Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine is a not-for-profit social enterprise. We are shortly re-launching as the National Centre for Integrative Medicine (October 2018).


Applications: CV and covering letter

Deadline: 21 September 2018

For further information about this role, or to apply please email: