Who delivers this service?

Our team of Medical Homeopathic Doctors are all members of the Faculty of Homeopathy. This is the registering body for statutorily regulated healthcare professionals who use Homeopathy in their clinical practice.

Our Doctors are also fully trained in conventional and complementary medicine. This means they will always consider all medical avenues for their patients, and apply their knowledge using an Integrative Medicine model.

We have a team of five medical doctors who deliver the NHS Homeopathic Service. Before its transition to PCIM, the NHS Service was delivered at the South Bristol Community Hospital, and prior to that from the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital at the top of Cotham Hill. We are pleased to be able to continue to deliver the NHS Homeopathic Service, which has been part of Bristol’s healthcare for over half a century.

Our Doctor team includes:

  • Dr Elizabeth Thompson
  • Dr Willa Muir
  • Dr Domnita Neagu
  • Dr Julie Geraghty
  • Dr Kathy Drewett

Where is the NHS Homeopathic Service delivered?

Our Medical Homeopathy clinics are run from Litfield House in Clifton Village. We also run a clinic from Street, North Somerset, and can provide appointments in Bath upon request.

NHS Homeopathic Service


How do I book an consultation?

If you are a patient considering using the NHS Homeopathic Service and you would like to be referred to our clinic, please visit your registered GP. Your GP will then refer you to the NHS homeopathy service here at PCIM.

From 1st October 2016, referrals from Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset, Bath & Northeast Somerset, and South Gloucestershire now require Prior Approval funding. This can be applied for through the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) website by your referring GP.

You can download a Prior Approval form for the NHS Homeopathic Service here.


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