The Friends of the Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine were formed out of the Friends of the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital in 2015, when PCIM first began to look after the NHS Homeopathy Service in Bristol.

Now an established and active volunteer network, the Friends regularly meet to discuss and support our services, including a new series of events called the Friends for Wellbeing.

The Friends for Wellbeing series has been specially designed to shed new light on Integrative Medicine and to allow our volunteers a chance to interact with and learn from our professional staff.

The series will run on the first Saturday of every month except for Easter, the summer holidays, and the winter half term.

Dates of the series:

  • 6th May 2017: Samasuri, Craniosacral for Wellbeing @ Clifton Library
  • 3rd June 2017: Dr Claire Wilkinson, Holistic Doctor for Wellbeing @ Clifton Library
  • 1st July 2017: Helen Cooke, Nutrition for Wellbeing @ Clifton Library
  • 2nd September 2017: TBA @ Clifton Library
  • 7th October 2017: TBA @ Clifton Library
  • 4th November 2017: TBA @ Clifton Library

Cost: We gratefully ask for £5 per person on the door to be paid towards running costs and venue hire.

To find out more, please email