A new research team has been created within Bristol University and the University of the West of England. The Portland Centre’s lead clinician has been appointed Honorary Senior Lecturer within the School of Social and Community Medicine to facilitate research.

In 2016 we will be commencing a feasibility study of the new behavioural, educational, community-based, cooking-from-scratch intervention ‘Nourish’ for families with children who are overweight/obese. This study is being funded by the NIHR Bristol Nutrition BRU (Biomedical Research Unit). Nourish is Portland Centre’s programme offer within Bristol’s Kitchen On Prescription Project, funded by Bristol Green Capital.

This team will provide data to evaluate the Portland Centre’s Integrative Medicine as a whole as well as investigating individual treatments in specific conditions. The Portland Centre is well placed to gather information from patients to evaluate the treatments received and how an Integrative Medicine approach helps them build effective coping mechanisms to adapt to the changes thrust upon them by long-term medical conditions.