The Portland Centre aims to…

  • Offer an Integrative Medicine (IM) approach to healthcare that seeks to deliver the best complementary care and lifestyle approaches
  • Aim to maximise individual choice and care to improve health, wellbeing, and quality of life
  • Support a whole-person care approach through a working collaboration between people and practitioners to improve health and well-being
  • Work to raise awareness about IM and increasing the availability of quality IM services for service users and their referring clinicians
  • Support ‘Self Care Strategies’ across the South West by promoting and supporting self-care and self-management of health and well-being by using healthy living solutions
  • Offer a centre for academic excellence for IM education and training, research and evaluation

We promise to…

  • Listen to every person to fully understand all possible factors affecting their health
  • Share information and knowledge to enhance participation
  • Involve individuals in making informed choices about treating and managing their condition
  • Taking shared responsibility between the Portland Centre Team and individuals for on-going review of the effectiveness and quality of the treatment
  • Increase peoples’ confidence to manage their own health
  • Constantly seek innovative ways to help people stay well

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