Are you interested in actively supporting PCIM by volunteering and fundraising? Perhaps you’re a dab hand at organising events or would love to coordinate our group of volunteers or be apart of wellbeing focus groups? Get in touch with the Friends for Wellbeing at the Portland Centre!


Who are the Friends of PCIM?

The Friends are a group of service users and supporters of the Portland Centre whose role is to provide a clear voice that can help both to guide our development.

The Friends meet quarterly in Bristol for talks, to share information, and just to say “hello” to others who are also passionate about the services they receive. They are keen to ensure that these services are protected and nurtured, and are actively involved in the decision making process in how the Portland Centre is developed.

How do I join?

The number of Friends has already grown into the hundreds, and everyone is kept up to date with regular emails about important information and developments.

If you would like to be added to the Friends email list, please complete the form below.


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