Are you interested in learning new ways to manage stress and boost patient resilience? Are you passionate about health and wellbeing? Discover Integrative Medicine including conventional, complementary and lifestyle approaches to support health with the Portland Centre.

We present seminars throughout the year to help professionals and CAM practitioners develop a career and better understanding of the Integrative Medicine model.

Managing Stress and Building Resilience for a Healthy Heart for our Patients and Ourselves

Organised by the Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine in collaboration with the College of Medicine.

This whole day seminar is aimed at healthcare professionals, CAM practitioners and students interested in finding out more about stress, resilience, and cardiovascular health from an Integrative Medicine (IM) perspective.

What will happen at the seminar?

The day will deliver knowledge around models of stress and resilience, information about food and herbs for a healthy heart, and some of the ground-breaking work of the Cardiologist’s Kitchen. There will also be an opportunity to experience creative writing, Tai Chi, and Mindfulness – the day has been designed to satisfy both left and right brain!

Who will speak at the seminar?

There will be an emphasis on self-care approaches including practical tips and strategies to use with your patients and clients. We hope you will leave this session with a better understanding of what IM can offer and inspiration for your day-to-day professional practice.


Early Bird: TBC

Full Price: TBC

Tickets available on Eventbrite soon

Cost negotiable for those on lower incomes. For more information and to register your interest, please contact Patti Aberhart by emailing or by calling 0117 973 8035.