Beginning September 2017, the Integrative Medicine Diploma will give healthcare professionals a foundation in knowledge and practice. IM is defined as an approach that seeks to deliver the best of conventional and complementary care while maximising patient choice and individualising care to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Integrative Medicine Diploma

This programme will:

  • Lead students into a sound knowledge of Integrative Medicine and to develop a critical and enquiring approach to a variety of therapeutic interventions and their use in a range of common conditions
  • Develop and inspire a network of practitioners with a knowledge of practice-based research and its role in evidence-informed Integrative Medicine
  • Develop healthcare professionals’ self-confidence and skills in holistic assessment to help patients towards maintaining health, personal resilience, and self-empowerment
  • Assist healthcare professionals, through self-reflection and self-care, to build personal resilience and deal with the rigours of contemporary working environments
  • Assist healthcare professionals to manage and communicate a transition towards being an IM practitioner in clinical practice
  • Develop a community of practice that helps to redefine the concept of health as contextual, communal and connected to nature

The PCIM Education Department have developed the Integrative Medicine Diploma with the Crossfields Institute International and the College of Medicine.

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