The Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine offers a programme of Homeopathy Masterclasses as Continued Professional Development for qualified medical and professional homeopaths. Homeopaths and students from all homeopathy colleges are very welcome to attend. Our GEMS Advanced Study Seminars are open to qualified registered homeopaths.

Bristol Homeopathy Masterclasses

These seminars take place at Penny Brohn Centre, Pill, Bristol, BS20 0HH on various Saturdays throughout the year, from 10am-4.30pm. The cost of each Masterclass is £80.

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  • Saturday 13th May 2017Gemstone Remedies by Dr Julie GeraghtyMinerals undergo intense heat and pressure to be transformed into gemstones. Gemstone cases experience a journey of profound personal transformation from dark-night-of-the-soul depression to emerge to light, clarity, and self-worth.

Glasgow Homeopathy Masterclasses

These two-day lecture seminars are held at the Glasgow Centre for Integrative Care, Gartnavel Hospital Complex, Glasgow, G12 0XQ on various Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year, from 10am-4.30pm. The cost is £150 for each seminar.

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  • Saturday and Sunday 20th – 21st May 2017; Entering the Sensitive World of Plants by Geoff Johnson. Cases of acute fear and anxiety, and chronic conditions, showing the sensations and themes of 8 different plant families.
  • Saturday and Sunday 17th – 18th June 2017; Navigating the Periodic Table by Penny Edwards. The language of structure, capability, and incapacity specific to mineral remedies, with cases to illustrate the themes of each row and stage of the periodic table.
  • Saturday and Sunday 9th – 10th September 2017; Remedies of Connection and Disconnection by Dr Julie Geraghty. Gemstones, Malvales, and Matridonals all have issues of feeling Disconnected vs Attached or Connected. We will compare the Gemstones’ profound depression and transformation to find light and self-worth, to the Malvales need to feel a connection, and the journey to reconnection experienced in Matridonal remedies from sarcodes such as Placenta and Umbilical Cord.

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Homeopathy Masterclasses


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