PCIM Response to the end of NHS Homeopathy Services – August 2018

The Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine (PCIM) is extremely sorry to hear that funding for the NHS Homeopathy Service is finally ending. Over the 70 years of playing a part within the NHS, medical homeopathy has helped thousands of people across Bristol and the region.

PCIM has about 1500 registered patients who access NHS medical homeopathy. As ever this change in service provision most impacts those who might not know about or who can’t afford to pay for holistic approaches.

The NHS Homeopathy Service has been one of the very few holistic services within the NHS and one that supports a much-needed model of wellness. The NHS recognises that prevention and self-care is very important within a wellness model and that homeopathy can play its part to help patients get well and stay well.

Clinical evidence for the benefits of homeopathy does exist for example

  1. Switzerland has included homeopathy in the range of healthcare interventions available to all patients. The Swiss healthcare system recognises that people who use homeopathy experience less illness and as a result claim less on their healthcare insurance
  2. Research from the University of Bristol shows that doctors trained in homeopathy prescribe fewer antibiotics, that homeopathy is safe and effective, and that it can save the NHS money https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29555793
  3. Studies available via the Homeopathy Research Institute provide the results of clinical trials showing the efficacy of homeopathy https://www.hri-research.org

Unfortunately, this and other evidence is consistently ignored.

With support from the British Homeopathic Association we already run low cost clinics in Bath and Street and are creating a new ‘access fund’ for patients in Bristol.

PCIM will continue to deliver medical homeopathy within a broad vision of conventional, holistic and lifestyle approaches to improve health and wellbeing and we are looking at ways to provide greater access to homeopathy now that the NHS services is being withdrawn.