Portland Centre to present tour of the Bristol Botanic Gardens

We’re delighted to announce that as part of the Friends for Wellbeing series, the Portland Centre will present a tour of the Bristol Botanic Gardens in Stoke Bishop this summer.

Members of the public of all ages are welcomed to join us for a guided tour of the Botanic Gardens by CEO and Holistic Doctor, Elizabeth Thompson, alongside an expert botanist from the University of Bristol. Come along to learn about complementary and natural medicine¬†while enjoying a beautiful green space that has been designed to “to tell stories about plant evolution and is home to four core plant collections.

bristol botanic gardens

Find out more about the Bristol Botanic Gardens here.

This is a series of events delivered throughout the year by experts in the field of Integrative Medicine and Holistic Healthcare, including experienced staff such as Dr Elizabeth Thompson, CEO and the Associate Therapy Team.

An established and active volunteer network, the Friends of the Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine regularly meet to discuss and support our services. To support this group and to encourage discussion within the community, we have launched a new series of events called the Friends for Wellbeing.

Find out more about the Friends for Wellbeing here.