Dr Willa Muir

Speciality Doctor (Homeopathy)

Dr Willa Muir is a Medical Doctor and Homeopath with over 30 years experience.

Willa qualified in medicine in London in 1982, and trained in general practice. She worked for VSO in Africa after completing her GP training, and there became interested in different views of health. Willa was working as a District Health Officer in an isolated region and came across communities with extensive health needs.

On returning to the UK, she worked in general practice for several years. During this time she became interested in complementary therapies, and studied Homeopathy, as well as working for the contraceptive services in the NHS. She gained membership of the Faculty of Homeopathy in 2003.

Dr Muir now works in the NHS contraceptive and sexual health service, mainly with women’s health, as well as working for PCIM providing Homeopathy.

Her GMC registration number is 2596738.