Marion Reid

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Marion Reid was trained as a medical technologist in Hematology, Blood Transfusion, and Blood Group Serology at the North East Metropolitan Blood Transfusion Service. She later obtained a MSc in Clinical Science, and a PhD in Biochemistry. She has worked in immunohematology reference laboratories in the UK and USA.

Marion acquired an extensive serological, biochemical, and molecular knowledge of blood groups and their application to clinical practice and human genetics. She has published over 400 peer-reviewed articles, reviews and chapters. A book she co-authored, the Blood Group Antigen FactsBook, is a well-used and respected reference in immunohematology laboratories. Marion has served on numerous committees and editorial boards, was a reviewer for several journals, received several grants, and holds a patent. A recognized expert she has received numerous awards, including the Ivor Dunsford Award, the Sally Frank Award; the International Woman in Transfusion Award, the Emily Cooley Award, the James Blundell Award, and an honorary Doctorate in Science from the University of Plymouth. Marion willingly shared her knowledge with others—from peers to children. She is now retired and living in England. She is currently co-authoring a book on the history of blood group and one about blood for children.